Aundrea Pieri-Trapp, from California started in 2004.

She has a Bachelor's in Fine Art and focuses working full time doing Graphic Design. Her love for color, fine art (painting) spills into every aspect of her life. She always knew she would become a make-up artist and now has accomplished that dream as a part time make-up artist for bridal events.

She is an avid collector of MAC Cosmetics.

Having accomplished over 30+ bridal events, she now offers make-up for Special Events, Halloween, Prom, and Holiday Parties. 

Aundrea has been an active participant in the cosmetic world studying anything and everything beauty. From how to care for your skin prior to an event to the type of make-up for the specific time of year (temperature outside or inside). She is always knowledgeable about the cutting edge look including perfect color combinations for your specific eye color and skin tone.


Aundrea is known for providing a controlled stress-free environment during all applications. She is punctual, organized, and her brushes are always sanitized and ready for multiple applications.

  • Free Consultations; available upon request at Aundrea's home office studio in Marana, AZ.
  • On-Site Make-Up; timed to your specific event.
  • Bridal Applications; includes lip color, lip gloss, blot cloths and glitter if requested. - 1 hour, $150
  • Bridal Party Applications; includes lip color that your bridal party can purchase more than one or share the one complimentary shade, blot cloths and glitter if requested. - 25 mins., $55 ea.
  • Special Events or Holiday Applications; includes blot cloths and if requested a lip color (please inform in advance an additional fee will be included for the lip color). - 35/45 mins., $75

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Aundrea's goal is to bring out a clients "absolute natural beauty" in a way that a photographer can capture. Positive and lovely.

That means no blotchy foundation, shadows never are too thick, and the finishing powders must compliment the skins natural tones. She has seen many make-up artists fail in accomplishing this one simple task. Aundrea believes strongly that MAC is the best for vibrant pigments. She stands behind the fact that MAC pigments last all night long and studio fix spray keeps the colors from bleeding, cracking and/or soaking into the skin. 

The goal is for her clients to experience clean pigments without feeling like you want to take it all off. For bridal make-up Aundrea works within your specific theme and adds her special touches such as shimmer on the neck and cheeks for that beautiful blushing bride glow.

Products used are MAC and MAC Minerals, NARS, and Chanel.


Thank you Aundrea! You set me at ease, you made me look beautiful and my wedding photos turned out absolutely perfect. Everyone you touched looked unbelievable and felt amazing!!!
— Kelli
I can’t say it enough... thank you.
— Ashley
I thought I looked amazing during my consultation but you blew my socks off for the actual event. I am thrilled to have met you and your prices and quality of work just stands alone. You are a wonderful person too! Thank you.
— Naomi
You took the bridezilla right out of me and made me feel so happy! I can’t say how excited I am that I found you and your make-up skills speak for itself.
— Casandra
The moment I saw my Dad I knew that you had done what I had always hoped and dreamed, you made me feel BEAUTIFUL and natural on my wedding day. Thank you!
— Heather