Fall Festivities! - Halloween Makeup Tips & Tricks

What is the most intimidating thing about Halloween? Typically I hear the costume ideas are just too tough to come up with something cool and that won’t break the bank. Then I hear, “but if I only had a make-up artist it would look so much better.”

Well don’t worry you don’t have to be intimidated by Halloween Make-up.

First tip is by the materials the weekend prior and “TEST, TEST, TEST” it out so you know the look you want to accomplish is actually doable.

This year my daughter is going to be a glam-clown! What are some inspirational make-up ideas so we know exactly what to buy?

For a “GLAM CLOWN” items you will need:

• Tone your face
• Apply Foundation that is lighter than your actual skin tone
• Apply White Powder (this look requires no contour or shaping so just one even light skin tone before you work on the eyes and lips)
• Make-up setting spray (this can be found at any Halloween or Make-up store)
• Choose the color clown you want to be… we chose purple, but you can choose metallic, red, pink, or blue
• Decide if you want the triangle over the eyes to touch the mouth or not
• Start creating the triangle shape with the lightest colors using a lip liner or eyeliner and then add color shadows blending and staying within that shape you created with the pencil
• Always ending in black (so don’t start with black if you really want the actual color you chose to show up)
• Remember LESS IS MORE so don’t go too nuts if you can help it…
• If you are going to use glitter make sure you have something it can stick to prior to you just applying (example is; clear tacky eyelash glue or white eyelash glue that will dry clear - another great glitter tack is hairspray or hair gel)
• Finish your look with again the setting spray

Have fun and Happy Halloween!

Summer Fun!


It’s time to break out that boho jewelry, your nicest lush #houseoflashes, glitter clear lip gloss, and don’t forget the matte white or baby pink nails… it’s getting hot and your skin needs a bit of a break. Don’t forget to wear SPF 50+ everyday and be sure that when you are away from the pool or beach that you wash that SPF off. I recommend creating a DIY Lavender spritzer for your face (it soothes all redness). Do not go for chemical peels during the summer months because you want your skin to be a bit more layered during the exposure to the sun. If you want to do treatments like micro dermabrasion do harsher treatments in the winter months.

Summer is also the peak season for BRIDES! If you are interested in a free consultation please contact me as my schedule fills up quickly.


December Color

This time of year I typically reach for the RED, however, this year I am not feeling the red at all and wanted to find color that is warm and earthy but I could take it  smokey so I have decided this December I am going to rock out the deep PLUMS! Pair it with a lush pink tone lip and POOF you are a festive genius.

Also forget the square nails and go with "COFFIN" shape it's just perfect and shorter too! Easier to work and still feels like you are elongating your hands. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year has gone by so quickly it's just incredible. The business is growing and my event calendar has been slammed. Working on private events with bridal parties. The overall request has been for bright pop lips and beautiful clean application of only one color eyes. Adding shimmer overlay to the center of the lid. It's just beautiful!!! Rock that out with a floral print dress and chunky heel half boots and you are set for Fall! Here are a few examples of work that I have been doing. Enjoy! 

If you have a special event coming up please be sure to contact me right away and schedule free consultation. I look forward to working with you soon!


Copper, Orange, Coral, and Smokey Bronze to Brilliant Gold... these colors pair so well with almost any color eye color and I am thrilled to have so many brave clients this season. It's really fun for the evening and afternoon as the sun starts to set... love these colors!


Sheer eye shadow powders coming in a wide variety of colors by LUSH and of course now that it's FALL you can break out the thigh highs, leggings, sweaters and of course do not forget the LASHES! My new highly recommended lash company is HOUSE OF LASHES! My favorite out of their entire line is the MINI COLLECTION. If you don't know them now you do and well I wouldn't waste a moment to order your own set today.

Short Hair... don't care!

It's FALL!!! Favorite time of year!!! 

Well it's that time to admit that going from basic black to silver or any fashion color you are going to see a little frizzle... even with the lovely help of products on the market it was time to just give it a good chop! 

Amazing new Salon in Tucson. Salon Salon highly recommend them!!!

Amazing new Salon in Tucson. Salon Salon highly recommend them!!!


What has been blowing up in the fashion industry lately? FASHION HAIR color trends. They are perfected by this genius Guy Tang he is making history!!! Being a color trend follower of make-up and hair I thought I would share a few tricks on how to avoid majorly damaging your hair if you attempt this on your own #DIY. Now did I have to learn the hard way? Yes. But you don't have to so please follow along.

Step ONE: ASSESS what color or LEVEL your hair is right now, before you begin. You need your hair to be at least a level 9 or 10. Meaning your hair has zero to no yellow in the areas you wish to process the fashion color. Platinum blonde, NOT copper or YELLOW. For those of you with natural black or dyed black hair then before you begin this process ask yourself, "do you wish to keep your hair length?" If you do then just take it super slow, because you can achieve platinum blonde but not overnight. If it's a color that is difficult to achieve platinum blonde from then I recommend you color correct or hair color remove. Do it twice in one day. Then in a week do it again. Get your color out as naturally as possible. Do not reach out for bleach until you have taken your hair as light as you possibly can without even going near bleach to begin the process. PLEASE allow your hair to rest. Remember to deep condition, use hair masks, coconut oil treatments. Here are a few color correctors I tried.

The non-bleaching components will save you loads of time and money.

If your hair is virgin "un-colored" then you are good to start bleaching everything and I recommend watching a few Guy Tang videos to see how far you should bleach and how much OLAPLEX you need. If you are going to bleach your hair you must purchase the OLAPLEX system. Follow the instructions and be sure to use OLAPLEX every-time you bleach. Your hair must be almost WHITE prior to adding any color.

Step TWO: TONE your hair that is how you get your yellow blonde to white. Again use OLAPLEX.

Step THREE: Purchase your color KENRA PROFESSIONALKenra Color® Guy Tang Metallic Obsession Kit I also recommend ION TITANIUM, ION STEEL BLUE and ION LAVENDER. I haven't tried it but I just saw that Manic Panic makes a Steel Blue too! I like to do the silver at the roots and then every section a different color as shown below. Have fun! It's DEMI-Permanent so know it won't last forever and if you want to change it then COLOR CORRECT and start again fresh. Don't bleach to get back to a base color unless it's just the roots and the regrowth.

GOT IT? Good! 

SPRING Hot Looks 2016'

Spring seasonal hot ticket for sure items... must try it GREY OMBRÉ, Cat Eye, and Tightlining!

FALL in LOVE with these colors!

Every Fall we grab our leopard and faux fur, our thigh high boots and scarves. It's so much fun... so what color is going to rock it out this Fall, you ask? Be prepared to FALL in LOVE with these colors!!! 


It's that time again... SPRING!

I am always asked... what colors are going to be most popular for SPRING?


I say, "SPRING you can never go wrong with a frosted blue eye shadow and light pink or nude lip!" Bleach blonde hair, cut to a sleek bob... bangs... poof you are ready for spring. Keep it clean, simply fresh, and don't be afraid to add that dark smudged liner to offset the whisper of color.


FALL / WINTER 2014-15

Hope you had an enjoyable Summer Sizzle and are ready to gear up for Fall Fashion. Thanks for the emails and FaceBook messages about the new Boho Beaches - collaborations with BEACH ANARCHY that I've been working on, we are working endlessly to get you the best and will be adding new apparel every month so stay connected. 


Bohemian Tassel Necklaces or the Agate Necklace because that BOHO CHIC look will be hanging around all season long, right into the winter this year. We will be seeing Boho Chic sweaters and off the should casual and comfy looks, it's so nice to just feel comfortable all day.

Here are your next MUST BUYS!!!

  • BAT WINGED long sleeved shirts or swearters
  • Off the shoulder cowl-neck sweat shirts
  • Textured or patterned leggings (tone on tone or peek-a-boo laces and pleathers)
  • Thigh-high wedge swede boots in earth tones (black is my fav) 
  • Bohemian Tassel Necklace (natural tones)
  • Swede or Sweater UGG® Boots

We are back to the metallics, glamour faux fur wraps and all that creamy nude lip stick and gloss. Short gel burgundy nails. Spice it up by keeping that fun neon pink or orange for your lips, it's super cute with a thin liner on your eyes. I still truly love the emerald solid eyeshadow but to mix it up a little this fall I'm adding the metallic in the corners and right under the brow line. Nude hues on your cheeks (powder perfect) to achieve that smooth matte face look. 

END LASHES on soft color eyelids and FULL THICK LASHES on darker smokey eyes.

Purchase a Bohemian Sandalwood Horse Tassel Necklace visit www.beachanarchy.com/jewelry

April – "My Birthday Month" & SPRING!

I have cut my hair, changed the color, and have been obsessing about weddings in corals and turquoise. In love with "CHEVRON" patterns and I can't say enough how much I love cowboy boots that are in unique colors especially like the ones shown below in teal. I know nuts! How do these themes all work together? Somehow this season I feel that they really do! In this gallery get inspired and start your SPRING with something new and fresh. Get rid of all your fall colors and really try something fun! Weddings are booking up quickly as well as special events so if you would like to book a free consultation, please contact me today! 

Photo of boots by ivoryorchid.net

Getting ready for those Christmas Holiday Parties?

MAC is featuring a wonderful array of glitter shimmer shadows and the ever fabulous GLAMOUR REVOLUTION... Spice it up with TRUE VIBRANT REDS and LITTLE DARLINGS. Have fun... why not!

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving


Get creative use GREEN, GOLD, and explore bold LINERS.