FALL in LOVE with these colors!

Every Fall we grab our leopard and faux fur, our thigh high boots and scarves. It's so much fun... so what color is going to rock it out this Fall, you ask? Be prepared to FALL in LOVE with these colors!!! 


FALL / WINTER 2014-15

Hope you had an enjoyable Summer Sizzle and are ready to gear up for Fall Fashion. Thanks for the emails and FaceBook messages about the new Boho Beaches - collaborations with BEACH ANARCHY that I've been working on, we are working endlessly to get you the best and will be adding new apparel every month so stay connected. 


Bohemian Tassel Necklaces or the Agate Necklace because that BOHO CHIC look will be hanging around all season long, right into the winter this year. We will be seeing Boho Chic sweaters and off the should casual and comfy looks, it's so nice to just feel comfortable all day.

Here are your next MUST BUYS!!!

  • BAT WINGED long sleeved shirts or swearters
  • Off the shoulder cowl-neck sweat shirts
  • Textured or patterned leggings (tone on tone or peek-a-boo laces and pleathers)
  • Thigh-high wedge swede boots in earth tones (black is my fav) 
  • Bohemian Tassel Necklace (natural tones)
  • Swede or Sweater UGG® Boots

We are back to the metallics, glamour faux fur wraps and all that creamy nude lip stick and gloss. Short gel burgundy nails. Spice it up by keeping that fun neon pink or orange for your lips, it's super cute with a thin liner on your eyes. I still truly love the emerald solid eyeshadow but to mix it up a little this fall I'm adding the metallic in the corners and right under the brow line. Nude hues on your cheeks (powder perfect) to achieve that smooth matte face look. 

END LASHES on soft color eyelids and FULL THICK LASHES on darker smokey eyes.

Purchase a Bohemian Sandalwood Horse Tassel Necklace visit www.beachanarchy.com/jewelry