What has been blowing up in the fashion industry lately? FASHION HAIR color trends. They are perfected by this genius Guy Tang he is making history!!! Being a color trend follower of make-up and hair I thought I would share a few tricks on how to avoid majorly damaging your hair if you attempt this on your own #DIY. Now did I have to learn the hard way? Yes. But you don't have to so please follow along.

Step ONE: ASSESS what color or LEVEL your hair is right now, before you begin. You need your hair to be at least a level 9 or 10. Meaning your hair has zero to no yellow in the areas you wish to process the fashion color. Platinum blonde, NOT copper or YELLOW. For those of you with natural black or dyed black hair then before you begin this process ask yourself, "do you wish to keep your hair length?" If you do then just take it super slow, because you can achieve platinum blonde but not overnight. If it's a color that is difficult to achieve platinum blonde from then I recommend you color correct or hair color remove. Do it twice in one day. Then in a week do it again. Get your color out as naturally as possible. Do not reach out for bleach until you have taken your hair as light as you possibly can without even going near bleach to begin the process. PLEASE allow your hair to rest. Remember to deep condition, use hair masks, coconut oil treatments. Here are a few color correctors I tried.

The non-bleaching components will save you loads of time and money.

If your hair is virgin "un-colored" then you are good to start bleaching everything and I recommend watching a few Guy Tang videos to see how far you should bleach and how much OLAPLEX you need. If you are going to bleach your hair you must purchase the OLAPLEX system. Follow the instructions and be sure to use OLAPLEX every-time you bleach. Your hair must be almost WHITE prior to adding any color.

Step TWO: TONE your hair that is how you get your yellow blonde to white. Again use OLAPLEX.

Step THREE: Purchase your color KENRA PROFESSIONALKenra Color® Guy Tang Metallic Obsession Kit I also recommend ION TITANIUM, ION STEEL BLUE and ION LAVENDER. I haven't tried it but I just saw that Manic Panic makes a Steel Blue too! I like to do the silver at the roots and then every section a different color as shown below. Have fun! It's DEMI-Permanent so know it won't last forever and if you want to change it then COLOR CORRECT and start again fresh. Don't bleach to get back to a base color unless it's just the roots and the regrowth.

GOT IT? Good!